Agile: Instructions after swallowing capsule

During Agile Patency Capsule Study Patient Instructions:

This contains information about what to expect over the next 30 hours.  Please call our office if you have severe or persistent abdominal or chest pain, fever, difficulty swallowing, or if you have any questions.  Minnesota Gastroenterology, PA 612-871-1145

Time of capsule ingestion: _________________  Date: ___________

Pain:  Pain is uncommon following an Agile Patency Capsule study.  Should you feel sharp or persistent pain, please call our office.

Nausea:  Nausea is also very uncommon and should it occur, please notify the office.

Distention: Distention is also very uncommon, if it should occur, please call the office.

Diet:  You may eat or drink clear liquids (water, apple juice) 2 hours after swallowing the capsule. You may eat a light meal 4 hours after swallowing the capsule. You may also take your medications at this time.                                                                                         

You may have clear liquids at _________ You may have a light meal at___________

Activities:  Following the exam, you may resume normal activities, including exercise. You may drive a car and return to work.

Further Testing:  Until it has been verified that the capsule has passed, further testing which includes any type of MRI should be avoided.  If you have an MRI examination scheduled within the next 3 days, the MRI examination should be postponed.

The Capsule: If the GI tract is patent, the capsule passes naturally in a bowel movement, typically in about 30 hours. It does not need to be retrieved and can safely be flushed down the toilet. If the capsule has passed, please note if the capsule is in one piece or in fragments. In order to complete your Agile Capsule study, you must return to our offices 30 hours after ingestion for a scan or x-ray to confirm the patency. If your GI tract is patent, your doctor will order a Pill Cam Endoscopy. If the entire capsule has not passed 30 hours after ingestion, the capsule disintegrates into small fragments and is excreted naturally.

Return to the office: Date:___________ Time: ­­­­________________