MyHumira and Humira Protection Plan-FAQS

Patient Education

What is MyHumira?

MyHumira is an organization that works with patients receiving Humira (Adalimumab) treatment and their providers to verify insurance coverage, identify payer requirements such as prior authorizations, and inform patients of available financial assistance programs. 

What is the Humira Protection Plan?

The Humira Protection Plan is a program designed to assist patients to gain affordable access to Humira treatment.  If you have insurance coverage through a commercial payer (e.g. Preferred One, HealthPartners, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medica, etc) for your prescriptions, the Humira Protection Plan can reduce your monthly co-pay to $5.

Am I eligible for the Humira Protection Plan if I am insured by Medicare or Medicaid?

Unfortunately, the Humira Protection Plan does not provide assistance to those patients who carry governmental health insurance.  Please see the next page for additional financial assistance options.

What can I expect from being enrolled in MyHumira?

·         Minnesota Gastroenterology (MNGI) will automatically submit your insurance information to the MyHumira program to determine your insurance coverage for Humira

o   If your insurance has changed, please call our business office at (612) 871-1145, option 5.  Your new insurance information will be resubmitted to MyHumira for benefits determination

·         MyHumira will send you a letter outlining your insurance coverage for Humira treatment

·         MyHumira will also refer you to any financial assistance programs for which you may be eligible, including the Abbott Patient Assistance Foundation, which provides Humira at no cost to eligible patients

·         Unless your insurance plan requires you to obtain Humira from a specialty pharmacy or you inform our office that you prefer to use a specialty pharmacy, your Humira prescription will be sent to your preferred retail pharmacy on file

·         If your insurer requires pre-authorization for treatment, MNGI will submit a prior authorization request to your insurance plan on your behalf

My insurance requires me to get Humira from a specialty pharmacy. What does this mean?

Some insurance plans require patients to obtain Humira from a specialty pharmacy that sends the medication directly to your home. If this is required by your insurance plan, MyHumira will notify our office and the appropriate prior authorizations for your specialty pharmacy will be obtained. The specialty pharmacy will then contact you to establish payment and delivery arrangements.

What if I do not have health insurance?

If you currently do not carry either private or governmental medical insurance or if your insurance does not cover prescription drugs, you may be eligible to receive Humira at no cost through the Abbott Patient Assistance Foundation.  For eligibility inquiries, call (888) 486-4723 to speak with a MyHumira counselor.

MyHumira informed me that I may qualify for financial assistance.  What happens now?

Use the information provided by MyHumira to begin the application process, if required. All paperwork requiring provider input can be mailed or faxed directly to our business office (contact information listed below). After your application has been submitted, the assistance program(s) will notify you and MNGI of your application status.


Minnesota Gastroenterology, PA

Attn: Tami Hagen

P.O. Box 14909

Minneapolis, MN  55414

Fax: (612) 870-5806


For more information about MyHumira or to expedite the MyHumira enrollment process:

Call (888) 486-4723 or visit their web page at


Financial Assistance Options for IBD Medication Expenses


Private Assistance Organizations

The following co-pay assistance foundations help people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) pay their out-of-pocket medication expenses. Depending on the type of treatment you and your provider have chosen, you will be able to utilize funds provided by the foundations to cover your medication expenses at your pharmacy or at Minnesota Gastroenterology.*  The diagnosis covered by each organization is noted. 


Chronic Disease Fund (Crohn’s Disease)

Phone:                         (877) 968-7233

Web address:    


HealthWell Foundation (Crohn’s Disease)

Phone:                         (800) 675-8416

Web address:    


Patient Access Network Foundation (Crohn’s Disease)

Phone:                         (866) 316-7263

Web address:    


Patient Advocate Foundation (Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis)

Phone:                         (866) 512-3861

Web address:    


Other Options

The following organizations may help identify other financial assistance options available to you, regardless of your diagnosis.


Needy Meds

Phone:                         None available

Web address:    


Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Phone:                         (888) 477-2669

Web address:    



Phone:                         None available

Web address:    

*If you are eligible for assistance from any co-pay assistance organization and will be using the funds at Minnesota Gastroenterology, please inform our Business Office by calling (612) 871-1145, option 5.